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Wednesday, 10th November 2016

Sometimes our nicest reviews come from our younger customers, we particularly liked this from Crystal earlier this year.

"Dear Gerry,
Thank you for driving us everywhere because we can't walk all the way there and you're the best driver we ever had, but I don't understand how you know how to drive a really massive bus like this, it is just amazing. I could never drive a really big bus, I don't know how to drive one, but soon I will find out how.

It must be annoying to drive everywhere, like to Electric Mountain and Greenwood Forest Park. I am going to miss you because you are so nice. But I don't understand why you did not come to the disco with us, it would be fun. But you are just a star.

From, Crystal :)"

Wednesday, 9th November 2016

"Richard Taylor Travel are competitively priced and great value for money. The coach that arrived for our most recent trip to London was luxurious inside and much nicer than any other coach company I have used previously. The driver was professional, welcoming and knowledgeable about our journey, and was able to navigate away from traffic to ensure we arrived at our destination on time. I look forward to booking with them for our travel arrangements again in the future."

Miss R Baker - Head of Media and Film at Knights Templar School, Baldock

Tuesday, 8th November 2016

"I have been booking coaches through Richard Taylor Travel for approximately 10yrs, and I can honestly say that I have never had any problems with them at all. The booking process is easy, and the ladies (and Richard) are always very helpful. The drivers deserve a mention as well. They have always been both pleasant and accommodating.

I would highly recommend Richard Taylor Travel for any outings or residential trips."

Miss G. Day - Kingshott School, Hitchin

Tuesday, 8th November 2016

"We use Richard Taylor Travel as they are a local provider of a good and reliable service, who we can depend upon to fulfill our transport needs. They provide good customer service and go the extra mile if the situation calls for it."

Diane - Princess Helena College, Preston

Tuesday, 24th May 2016

"To Dominic,

Thank you for my reading, it was spot on.
We have been privileged to have you as our guide and mentor. We all wish you well in the future.
Especially Val & Myself.

Love from Shirley Shelley"

Monday, 16th May 2016

"Richard Taylor Coaches have a fine ambassador in Dominic who is cheerful, sincere and drives his passengers with great care. He showed concern for those not so mobile both on the coach and off and checking that everyone was comfortable in the hotel. All in all a pleasure to travel with. Hope to meet him again.
Thank you,
W. M. Proctor"
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